Our Story
Gracell Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage biotech company with mission to solve CAR-T industry hurdles, including :
Lengthy and ineffecient manufacturing process
Overnight production (FasT CAR™)
High cost of goods
Lower COGs (FasT CAR™, TruUCAR™)
Lack of off-the-shelf products
Ineffectiveness against solid tumors
Enhanced CAR™
Being committed to research and development, Gracell is bringing affordable, but highly cost-effective adoptive immunotherapy to patients.
  • 2017.05
    Gracell biotechnologies was registered and open to operation
  • 2017.08
    Completion of A round of financing $10M USD
  • 2018.04
    GMP facility settled in Suzhou Biobay Industrial Park
  • 2018.12
    First FasT CAR program GC007F enrolled 1st B-ALL patient
  • 2019.02
    Completion of B round of financing $85M USD
  • 2019.06
    Interim clinical readout of GC007F announced on the CAR-TCR Summit Asia
  • 2019.08
    GC012F (redirected to target BCMA and Ag X) enrolled 1st MM patient